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Mysterium Dark Features
Be invisible online

With Mysterium Dark, your IP address and location always stay hidden. Browse the web anonymously and hide your browsing activity from 3rd party trackers and even your own ISP.

Pick any location

There are over 135 countries and thousands of IP addresses to connect to. Scroll through our menu of real residential IPs.

Access your content securely

Mysterium Dark is a secure and private way to access your banking, messaging, social media accounts while using public WiFi and away from your home network.

Super Fast Speeds

We optimise speeds for the fastest browsing, shopping and video calling to ensure zero interruptions.

No logging (but really)

Mysterium Dark is built differently. Forget giant servers and dodgy deals with third party businesses. Mysterium plugs you into a global network of residential IPs, hosted by everyday people around the world.

Uncrackable Security

We use WireGuard®, the highest encryption standard available, to fully secure your connection and traffic. Protect your privacy on any kind of public WiFi or network.

Open-source, with nothing to hide (except you)

Mysterium Dark is based on open-source technology. You can see just how powerful our encryption really is - and verify our no logs claim.